Products for Radio Frequency Heating

For material heating two mechanisms are exploited: the Dielectric Heating and Eddy Current Losses. Our products for RF Heating are customized solutions, altogether. For some applications the RF Generators and Matching Networks shown in the Plasma Technology section are also suitable for RF Heat.

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Dielectric Heating

Dielectric heating is used with plastic material that has significant losses when exposed to high frequency electromagnetic fields. Pratically, this can be exploited for sealing plastic tubes or plastic foils. The latest EU waste regulations emphasise to use mono materials. If selected carefully such materials can be heated with RF.

Eddy Current Heating

Heating with eddy currents has been used with lower frequencies for many years. Especially, when structures are small and thin using higher frequency is much more efficient. For example aluminum/aluminum bonding can be very efficient and fast with RF.

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