Products for Spectroscopy

For Spectroscopy we provide Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifiers – narrowband for Hydrogene and broadband for X-Core detection – , highly stable Current Sources – e.g. Shim Power Supplies and Low Noise Amplifiers. They have been applied successfully in

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR
  • Electron Spin Resonance ESR
  • Electron Nuclear Double Resonance ENDOR

RF Pulse Power Amplifiers

All Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifier series employ state of the art semiconductor technology.

RFPA narrowband rfpa-3u-001.jpg

  • for 1H and 19F
  • up to 14T

RFPA broadband rfpa-4u-001.jpg

  • X nuclei
  • medium to extremely broad

RFPA-53 rfpa-53-001.jpg

  • high power
  • water cooled


Current Sources

The current sources have been successfully employed as Shim Supply and Gradient Amplifier.

CS linear cs-3u-001.jpg

  • linear technology
  • low noise


CS linear details



Compact Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifier designed for Low Field MRI.



With the RFPA-1/5-100-SB-A we support Open Hardware MRI Projects. Therefore, this model is going to be published under Open Hardware.

Get more information.


Multi Channel RF Pulse Power Amplifiers

While the RFPA-dual-650-300 is made for NMR application there is much more to explore.

Models (examples)

Other models are available. Get more information.

RF Amplifier Modules

Radio Frequency Amplifier Models we build according to customer request.


Let us know your requirements. Contact us.


Low Noise Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers we offer in two versions:


The LNA-2 we publish also under Open Hardware. You are free to order this product from us or to build it yourself.

On request we also build RX/TX Switches employing our LNAs. Get more information.



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