Products for Spectroscopy

For Spectroscopy we provide Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifiers – narrowband for Hydrogene and broadband for X-Core detection – , highly stable Current Sources – e.g. Shim Power Supplies and Low Noise Amplifiers. They have been applied successfully in

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance NMR
  • Electron Spin Resonance ESR
  • Electron Nuclear Double Resonance ENDOR

Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifiers

The RF Pulse Power Amplifiers come in broadband or narrowband version. They deliver a linear, robust and shape-retaining, low harmonic signal. Emphasis was put on the stability (amplitude and phase) of the amplifier as this is of great importance in spectroscopy. Also short pre–gating times and short RF fall times are important features of the amplifier series.

rfpa-2u-001.jpgRFPA (2U) 1-600MHz ≤500W rfpa-3u-001.jpgRFPA (3U) 1-600MHz ≤1000W rfpa-4u-001.jpgRFPA (4U) 1-400MHz ≤2000W rfpa-5u-001.jpgRFPA (5U) 1-400MHz ≤4000W rfpa-53-001.jpgRFPA (53) 20-200MHz ≤16kW

Multi Channel RF Amplifiers

Especially for multi coil application our Multi Channel RF Amplifiers are the best match. The RFPA-dual series holds two channels. They are not combined and can cover different frequency bandwidths. The RFPA-4x series comes with 4 channels, the RFPA-8x series with 8 channels. Both amplifiers can be used in parallel mode or combined mode. The RFPA-32x series comes with 32 channels which cannot be combined. Due to an optimized design this amplifier is very compact despite the high number of channels.

rfpa-4x-001.jpgRFPA-4x 0.1-300MHz ≤8000W rfpa-533-001.jpgRFPA (533) 20-200MHz ≤4.5kW (8x)

Amplifier Modules

For applications that only need the RF core we offer a variety of Amplifier Modules. They are available with a small cabinet, mounted on a chiller, and with a fan.

RFPA-M1 10-100MHz ≤20W rfpa-m2-001.jpgRFPA-M2 5-150MHz ≤20W rfpa-m3-001.jpgRFPA-M3 5-150MHz ≤150W

Current Sources

The Current Sources deliver highly accurate and constant currents. They have one or more channels and are suitable to be used as Shim Supply or Gradient Amplifier. Because we employ linear circuits only their current is extremely clean.

cs-3u-001.jpgCS-3U ≤600W

Low Noise Amplifiers

For amplifying the receiving FID signal we offer Low Noise Amplifiers LNA.

lna-001.jpgLNA 10-150MHz 50 Ohms

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