The RFPA-53 series

  • contains RF module (5U) and supply module (3U)
  • high power density due to water cooling and compact design
  • can be extended to RFPA-533: combines two RF modules and two supply modules plus master module


Features RFPA-53
Dimensions 19in. 5U + 3U
Front Active
Control Mode Manual / RS-232
Cooling Water / Forced Air

More Features



RFPA-30/130-8k RFPA-77-16k RFPA-121-4k5x8 RFPA-200-12k RFPA-400-500×8
Frequency Bandwidth 30-130 75-79 120-122 185-205 375-400 MHz
RF Peak Power per Channel 8.000 16.000 4.500 12.000 500 W
Number of Channels 1 1 8 1 8
Series RFPA-53 RFPA-53 RFPA-533 RFPA-53 RFPA-55

Other models available on request.

Options/Remote Control


Remote Control

Customized set of options and interfaces are possible.

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