Products for Plasma Technology

For Plasma Technology we provide Radio Frequency Generators and Matching Networks. For special applications we also make RF Broadband Generators. These products are suitable to be used for ICP and CCP systems. They have been applied successfully in

  • Plasma Assist for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Atomic Layer Etching
  • RF Sputtering
  • Thin Film Coating
  • PE-CVD
  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
  • Substrate Biasing
  • Electrical Asymmetry Effect (EAE) / Voltage Waveform Tailoring

Radio Frequency Generators

All RF Generator series employ state of the art technology.

RFG-L rfg-2u-001.jpg

  • advanced options list
  • touch panel display

PowerCube pc-p-001.jpg

  • Matching Eye
  • large 7 segment display

Shoebox sb-001.jpg

  • compact design
  • most cost efficient


Matching Networks

All Matching Networks can be controlled by any of our RF Generators.

MatchingCube-A mc-a-001.jpg

  • air capacitors
  • modular coil

MatchingCube-V mc-v-001.jpg

  • vacuum capacitors
  • bandwidth extension available

MiniMatch mm-a-001.jpg

  • vacuum capacitors
  • compact design




Broadband RF Generators

In some cases it is desirable to alter the frequency in order find the sweet spot for the specific application. For this purpose we designed our broadband RF generators. They are based on the RFG-L platform.


Other models are available. Get more information.


Switches and Filters RF/DC

Switches and Filters we build according to customers requests.

Models (examples)

Other models are available. Get more information.


Electrical Asymmetry Effect (EAE) / Voltage Waveform Tailoring

We can modify our equipment so that it is capable to be employed in EAE systems. We also offer a dedicated signal source for that purpose. Please see also our references on that topic.

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