Products for Plasma Technology

For Plasma Technology we provide Radio Frequency Generators, Matching Networks, RF Broadband Generators, and Low Frequency Generators. These products are suitable to be used for ICP and CCP systems. They have been applied successfully in

  • Plasma Assist for Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD)
  • Atomic Layer Etching
  • RF Sputtering
  • Thin Film Coating
  • PE-CVD
  • Reactive Ion Etching (RIE)
  • Substrate Biasing
  • Electrical Asymmetry Effect (EAE) / Voltage Waveform Tailoring

Radio Frequency Generators

For RF Generators we have three different product lines. The first series – the 19 inch RFG series – comes with a large touch panel and can be configurated with the largest variety of options. The PowerCube series provides most RF needs in a small form factor of 1/2×19 inch /4U. They employ a clearly readable and easy to operate active front panel and a water cooling design starting from RF power of 1200W. The manual operation is straight forward with a Matching Eye (color LED). The PowerCube is our newest and cost effective design. There will be more models in this PowerCube series coming soon. The third RF Generator product line is the Shoebox series which does not have an active front panel. You can control it with our ControlPanel software. All RF Generators can control a connected MatchingCube or MiniMatch.

rfg-2u-001.jpgRFGen (2U) 2-200MHz ≤600W rfg-3u-001.jpgRFGen (3U) 2-100MHz ≤1000W rfg-4u-001.jpgRFGen (4U) 4/13.56MHz ≤2000W pc-p-001.jpgPowerCube plain 2-40MHz ≤1200W sb-001.jpgShoebox 13.56MHz ≤600W

Matching Networks

For Matching Networks we provide the MatchingCube series. The MC-A series is designed for lower RF power and comes with air capacitors. The MC-V series is designed for higher RF power and comes with vacuum capacitors. The MiniMatch series is very compact because it does not contain an internal coil. Hence it is mainly made for ICP systems. All Matching Networks can be controlled by any of our RF Generators.

mc-a-001.jpgMatchingCube-A 2-40MHz ≤600W mc-v-001.jpgMatchingCube-V 2-40MHz ≤2500W
mm-a-001.jpgMiniMatch-a 2-40MHz ≤2000W mm-al-001.jpgMiniMatch-aL 2-40MHz ≤2000W mm-e-001.jpgMiniMatch-e 2-40MHz ≤2000W

RF Broadband Generators

The RF Broadband Generators cover a variety of large frequency bandwiths. By that these generators add another degree of freedom to your application: the frequency. You can change and optimize the frequency while the RF is on. In connection with the RF Broadband Generators the broadband automatch option shall be selected with the Matching Network.

rfg-3u-001.jpgBBGen (3U) 2-100MHz ≤500W

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