Products for Particle Acceleration

For Particle Acceleration we provide Radio Frequency Pulse Power Amplifiers for pulsed operation and Radio Frequency Power Amplifiers for pulsed and CW operation. The amplifiers employ state of the art semiconductor stages and are being used in both medical and research facilities. Often these amplifiers are used to drive tube type amplifiers.

Our amplifiers are capable to be employed in

  • Particle Acceleration and Particle Deceleration
  • LINACs
  • Synchrotrons: Storage Ring and Collection Ring
  • Bunch Compression
  • Cavities, e.g. Barrier Bucket
  • Slow RF Knockout Extraction

Models (examples)



Other models are available. Please let us know what you need.       Contact us!


Amplifier for Slow RF Knockout Extraction

RF Modules for Wien Filter

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