Series RFPA-5U
Cabinet 19 inch /5U
Front Active
max. Nominal Input Power 0dBm
max. Input VSWR 1.5
min. Pulse Length 25μsec.
RF Input Connector N-type
RF Output Connector 7/16-type
Blanking Connector BNC-type
Cooling Air
Ambient Temperature 10-35° Celsius
Mains 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Weight 28kg
Compliance CE, RoHS


1000 W 2000 W 4000 W
4-30 MHz RFPA-4/30-2000
40-160 MHz RFPA-40/160-2000
50-310 MHz RFPA-50/310-1000
62-65 MHz RFPA-64-4000
124-132 MHz RFPA-128-4000
185-205 MHz RFPA-200-4000
280-305 MHz RFPA-300-4000
380-405 MHz RFPA-400-4000

Other models available on request.


Code Description
001 Energy Control replace max. Duty Cycle and max. Pulse Length
002 Short Pulse Detect reduce min. Pulse Length to 1us {2us}
004 Fast Pregate reduce Blanking Delay to 1us {2us}

Remote Control

Code Interface Connector
001 Serial RS-232

ControlPanel software is included.

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