How to use DC bias regulation.

Most members of our MatchingCube series measure the DC bias voltage that is generated by assymmetrical electrodes of the plasma chamber. The DC bias voltage often is negative but can also be positive in some cases.

As the match is connected to an RF generator, the RF generator can monitor, and/or display, and/or control the DC bias voltage.

Series monitor display control
RFG-L x x x
PowerCube x x
Shoebox x

All barthel RF generators can monitor the DC bis via remote control. The RFG-L series generators and the PowerCube series generators can also display the DC bias voltage. In addition the RFG-L series generators allow to control the DC Bias. In DCB mode the generator regulates its output power so that the DC bias voltage remains constant.

This application note describes how to do this.


Using a MatchingCube-A.

Using a different barthel match.

Using a Match from a different brand.

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